Introduction to Information Technology

Weekly Class Assignments

August 26 - 30

1. Quiz Hardware
2. Define a computer and the know the components
3. Define Digital Literacy
4. Introduction to MS Word
5 learntotype
6. Early finishers will work on tutorials, click the tutorial link on the right
7. Keyboarding Games (click any of the typing games approved on the right--> under LINKS)
8. Intro to Computers (SAMS)

August 19-23

Welcome students and discuss Classroom Policy and Procedures
distribute paper contact info and complete IT Class Information
If time permits discuss due dates and calendar

1. Distribute Contracts and user names
2. Set up desktop shortcuts- \\bruner-srv4\Examples and Resources\intro_to_it\Examples
3. Complete IT Class Information
4. Set up Individaul student folders, Keyboarding & Word of the Day or Journal Entry(Bellwork)
5. Complete the basic keyboarding technique tutorial (Posture/Ergonomics and QWERTY Tutorials)
6. Make folders your U:\\ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Projects, Keyboarding, Career, Tech_concepts.
7. Open up each folder and make another new folder: Lessons, Worksheets
8. Work on Beginner Keyboarding Course "Do Not Take the Quiz" we will take it as a whole class.
9. Nimblefingers, Qwerty Complete the homerow keys. Key until you get zero errors. Show me your work
10. How would you define a Computer? What are peripheral devices?




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August 15, 2014. . . . . . . . . . . First Day of School

Sept 1, 2014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Labor Day Holiday


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